Welcome to the Fastest Pizza Stand!

We will be returning to playa in 2023 renewed and excited to fire up some pies. If you're interested in learning how to join us, please read our history and follow the links at the bottom of the page through to the end before contacting us.

In 2015 the Fascist Pizza Stand was born like little playa fairy shrimp, albeit the kind that can spot a Simpsons reference. As 2016 approached, we realized it was time to become more populist, cutting our public ties with this authoritarian past to become Fastest Pizza Stand. Our pizza pledge for 2017 was to bake our pizzas as slowly as possible in a wood fired brick oven pizza altar, in keeping with the year’s Radical Ritual theme. In 2018 we built on our growing brick oven legacy by tinkering a bit with the help of some robot friends. Our disco helmet pizza slicer returned in 2.0 form: bigger, stronger and up to the task of keeping safety third (see #fastestpizzastand hands-free pizza slicing video on instagram).

For our fifth burn in 2019, we aimed to slow down the Fastest Pizza Stand by getting a faster oven. We have found that our slow oven means people remain to interact with us for less time, since it is more work for us to maintain while they are hanging out, and we feel that a faster oven allows us to spend more time being with our visitors creating a vibe and enjoying the gift of immediacy. While our years of brick oven pizza are not behind us, our plan is to evolve our use of the slow burning wood oven for special occasions, and our kitchen now sports a new fast propane powered pizza oven that heats up to 900 degrees in ten minutes and makes a pie in less than six.

Interactivity begins when the clock strikes upon the appointed hour, and we light up the fire or kick on the propane to start serving up our interactive gifting and performance to overpower your senses and draw throngs of people from far and wide to this pious pizza palace.

Overall these participatory projects strive to satirize the commodification of one of the things we need most as humans: radically inclusive, participatory eating. We seek to escape the default world culture which simulates consumption with empty calories, and replace it with the experience of immediate, participatory sustenance that is our human connectedness. Also, pizza. This is how Fastest Pizza Stand chooses to manifest immediacy through our radical self-expression: by using conceptual performance and food to connect with fellow humans for a deep dialogue about the universality of what we all hunger for in this world.